Update of EU driving licence rules to improve road safety | News – www.europarl.europa.eu

7 Dic, 2023


On Thursday, MEPs on the Transport and Tourism Committee adopted their position on the revision of EU driving licence rules by 22 votes in favour, 21 against and two abstentions. With more than 20,000 lives lost on EU roads every year, MEPs want to make sure the new rules contribute to road safety, in addition to the EU’s green and digital transitions.

Validity and health check

MEPs on the Transport and Tourism Committee agreed that driving licences should be valid at least for 15 years for motorcycles, cars and tractors, and five years for trucks and buses, with some exceptions. They also suggested making health checks mandatory upon the issuance and renewal of a driving licence.

Novice and accompanied drivers

Under the proposed rules, inexperienced drivers would have to undergo a probationary driving period of at least two years during which there would be certain restrictions, such as, stricter penalties for unsafe driving and up to 0,2 g/l alcohol limit while driving.


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