Transport Committee pushes for “greener” trucks and buses | News –

14 Feb, 2024

On Wednesday, MEPs on the Transport and Tourism Committee adopted their position on the revision of road transport weights and dimensions rules – aimed at greening of freight transport – by 26 votes to 11 and one abstention. The proposed revision to the rules changes the weights and dimensions limits applied to trucks and buses involved in international road transport.

Incentives for “greener” trucks

MEPs want to increase the maximum weight and length of zero-emission trucks by four tonnes, to compensate the space and weight needed to fit battery or hydrogen cells, and to provide additional loading capacity. This update could, they argue, act as an incentive for the transport industry to switch to cleaner vehicles, as the additional loading capacity will make zero emission trucks and buses more competitive than their conventional alternatives. MEPs also say that the installation of zero-emission technologies should not be done at the expense of sufficient cabin space nor…

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