Single European Sky: deal on better management of European airspace | News –

6 Mar, 2024

A provisional agreement was reached on Wednesday morning between Parliament, led by rapporteurs Marian-Jean Marinescu (EPP, Romania) and Bogusław Liberadzki (S&D, PL), and Council negotiators on the reform of the so-called Single European Sky rules.

Better performance

The agreed text introduces performance plans for air navigation services to improve network management of EU airspace, with binding targets and incentives to make flights more efficient and environmentally friendly. An independent advisory Performance Review Board would be set up to help Commission and member states take decisions on the implementation of these plans.

Greener flights

MEPs secured in the negotiations provisions to make air navigation services and network management contribute to climate neutrality. Under the new rules the Commission will adopt EU performance targets on capacity, cost efficiency, climate and environmental factors for air navigation services. The performance of these services against…

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