Road safety: deal on more robust investigations of traffic offences | News –

12 Mar, 2024

To prevent reckless driving while abroad, the updated rules will expand the list of traffic offences committed by non-resident drivers that trigger cross-border assistance possibly resulting in a fine for dangerous drivers. In addition to speeding, drink-driving or failing to stop at a red traffic light, EU legislators added dangerous parking and overtaking, crossing a solid line and hit and run offences, amongst other offences.

Mutual assistance and clear deadlines

With approximately 40% of cross-border offences currently going unpunished, MEPs secured more robust assistance procedures between EU countries and an obligation to help find a person liable for a traffic offence. The deal obliges EU country to reply to this kind request without any undue delay, but not later than two months after it gathered all necessary information. In addition, upon request of the country in which the offence occurred, the offender’s EU country of residence can take over the collection of road…

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