EU pharmaceutical policy: MEPs support comprehensive reform | News –

19 Mar, 2024

On Tuesday, the Environment, Public Health and Food Safety Committee adopted its position on the new directive (66 votes in favour, two against and nine abstentions) and regulation (67 votes in favour, six against and seven abstentions) covering medicinal products for human use.

Regulatory data and market protection: incentives for innovation

To reward innovation, MEPs want to introduce a minimum regulatory data protection period (during which other companies cannot access product data) of seven and a half years, in addition to two years of market protection (during which generic, hybrid or biosimilar products cannot be sold), following a marketing authorisation.

Pharmaceutical companies would be eligible for additional periods of data protection if the particular product addresses an unmet medical need (+12 months), if comparative clinical trials are conducted for the product (+6 months), and if a significant share of the product’s research and development takes place in the…

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