Press briefing on next week’s plenary session | News –

18 Apr, 2024

When: Friday 19 April at 11.00

Where: Anna Politkovskaya press room in Brussels and via Interactio

Key topics next week include:

  • Debate and final vote on the right to repair of goods
  • Packaging and packaging waste: final vote
  • Fighting violence against women: debate and final vote
  • Final vote on due diligence rules for companies
  • Simplification to certain CAP rules: final vote
  • Ambient air quality and clean air for Europe
  • Working conditions for platform workers: final vote
  • Debate and final vote on new Anti-money laundering rules
  • Debate and vote on the new EU Ethics Body
  • Debate on Iran’s unprecedented attack against Israel, the need for de-escalation and an EU response
  • The EU’s response to the repeated killing of humanitarian aid workers, journalists and civilians by the Israel Defence Forces in the Gaza Strip: debate
  • Commemoration of the 20th anniversary of the largest ever EU enlargement.

Interpretation for the press briefing will be available in English and…

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